Precision 3D Hole Scanning & Imaging

United Sciences stands as a global authority in precision 3D hole scanning and radial imaging. Our innovative Aeroscan and eFit 3D Scanner, backed by ten patented technologies, redefine non-contact measurement standards in hole and cavity accuracy, achieving unparalleled precision down to two microns. We proudly serve a diverse range of sectors, including healthcare, aerospace, entertainment, military protection, and scientific research.

Advancing Together: Your Partner in Innovation

United Sciences is more than an innovator; we are industry disruptors. Our advanced technology transcends traditional 3D scanning, offering deeper insights beyond mere surface measurements. This unique ability has allowed us to set new benchmarks in various sectors, ranging from Aerospace to Health & Wellness, redefining precision and quality in each field.

At United Sciences, collaboration is our cornerstone. By closely working with customers and engaging in global research partnerships, we ensure our cutting-edge technology not only meets but surpasses industry demands. More than a manufacturer, we are your ally in innovation, committed to delivering custom, advanced solutions that redefine data collection and operational efficiency. Our dedication to precision, innovation, and flexibility establishes new benchmarks in scanning technology worldwide.

Revolutionizing Standards Across Industries

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