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United Sciences, LLC announced it has teamed up with Ultimate Ears Pro (UE Pro), a Logitech brand, to use United Sciences’ patented 3D scanning technology which will change the way custom in-ear monitors and earphones are crafted. UE Pro is a leading supplier of custom in-ear monitors for audiophiles and on-stage professional musicians.

The collaboration aims to help simplify the experience of buying hand-crafted custom in-ear monitors, and make premier sound accessible to more people. United Sciences’ mobile ear scanning technology offers significant improvement to the experience of being fitted for custom monitors, over traditional methods.

UE Pro already has a loyal following of touring musicians, sound engineers and mainstream music lovers, due to the sound quality and comfortable fit of the company’s earphones, but the company is always looking for ways to improve product. The team began blending their artisan-crafting techniques with digital processes, including digitally detailing physical ear impressions and using 3D printing to build the shell of a custom monitor. United Sciences’ real-time imaging technology to capture 3D measurements of the inner ear offers next generation technology never before available. The result of these efforts is a quicker turnaround time and better fit for customers.

Instead of requiring customers handle the additional cost and time of traditional ear impressions by audiologists, the 3D scanning technology from United Sciences allows global UE Pro authorized retailers and dealers to take ear impressions in just a few minutes and immediately email them to the UE Pro lab, where production can begin. United Sciences’ mobile scanners will enable UE Pro to expand its custom in-ear monitor business for both the professional musicians and consumer market more effectively by leveraging the latest digital technology to accelerate the customization process for the consumer and create manufacturing efficiencies for UE Pro.

“We are thrilled to be teaming with Logitech to bring our enabling technology through their strong distribution network which is already producing incredibly high quality audio products on the market,” said Sam Kellett, Jr., CEO of United Sciences. “Now, UE Pro will enable more people to experience the fidelity, comfort, fit and attenuation that rock stars currently enjoy on stage.”

“We began showcasing this technology at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show in January 2015, and the response we received was well above our expectations,” said Philippe Depallens, Vice President and General Manager of Ultimate Ears Pro. “Thanks to United Sciences, we offer a more convenient experience for people looking to get custom in-ear monitors, and we’re thrilled to bring their 3D scanning technology to our authorized dealers and retailers across the globe.”

UE Pro began deployment of United Sciences 3D scanning technology to authorized dealers in May 2015 and is expected to be available worldwide starting by the end of the year.

About United Sciences

United Sciences, LLC is an innovator and manufacturer of precision 3D hole scanning and imaging solutions for targeted industries. United Sciences has developed highly disruptive technologies that overcome the technical challenges of existing 3D scanners that are only capable of measuring exterior surfaces. The patent protected in-ear scanner is the only mobile scanning technology that uses real-time imaging to obtain 3D measurements of the inner ear that can be used to create custom in-ear devices which applications include in-ear-devices, industrial hearing protection, custom headphones, and wearables. United Sciences’ scanning technology is also being applied to precision manufacturing industries, including the inspection and measurement of holes in airframe manufacturing and assembly. United Sciences provides hole scanners for non-contact measurement, diagnostics, and analytics, creating significant productivity and quality improvements. United Sciences is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with customers and research partners around the world.  https://unitedsciences.com

About Ultimate Ears

Ultimate Ears is transforming the way people experience music, together, out in the world. UE first revolutionized the way artists interact with their concert audiences by reinventing the on-stage monitor, turning it into a custom-fitted earphone. Today, Ultimate Ears continues stronger than ever with its award-winning family of wireless speakers that are designed for people, their friends and wherever life takes them. And with new features and experiences regularly released through free software updates, UE speakers just keep getting better. For more information, please visit http://www.ultimateears.com #MakeMusicSocial

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